Group History

The 1st Shrub End Scout Group was first registered as an open group in 1936, it however existed in name only until 1948 when sponsored by the Shrub End Congressional Church (at that time on King Harold Road) and consisted of a single Wolf Cub Pack. In 1955 the Group reverted to an open registration and moved its Headquarters to the Shrub End Social Centre.

In 1952 the Scout Troop was reformed, but not until 1954 did the Scout Troop attend its first annual camp just outside Maldon and received the Groups First Pennant during Operation Sea Axe, an Essex County event. 1955 saw the group attend its first International Jamboree this being the 2nd International Jamboree held at Belchamps.

In August of 1957 two of the group attended the Jamboree held in Sutton Coldfield whilst the remainder of the Scout Troop camped at Yorks Wood just south of Birmingham and attended as day visitors.

In 1961 senior members of the Scout Troop participated in a camping expedition that saw them hike across Holland and Germany.

1963 saw the purchase of the former dental Centre from Colchester Garrison for the sum of £25.00 and a further £45.00 for the demolition and transportation costs.

In 1965 the group was finally granted permission to build their new hut on land granted to them by the Chelmsford Dioceses with building work commencing on 18th February 1965.

On the 25th July 1968 after three years of hard work and many setbacks the District Commissioner opened the new Scout Group Headquarters.

The Group no longer has a Scout Troop, Cub pack or Beaver Colony as we have been unable to recruit any adult leaders.