All About Beavers


What is Beavers Scouting?

Beavers are boys and girls from the age of 6 to 8 years they can move to Cubs from the age of 7 3/4 the decision on moving on is made by the leaders of the two sections and then parents will be invited to take them to a Cub Pack meeting.

The leaders of the Beaver colony are usually named after animals such as Squirrel, Bear and Rabbit. The adult Leaders are responsible for planning and running the programme of games and activities for Colony meetings and special outings and events. The youngsters work in small groups called Lodges. The Beaver Colony has several simple ceremonies, one of which is the Investiture to which you may be invited, when your youngster will be asked to make a promise.

History of Beaver Scouts

After the creation of Wolf Cubs in 1916 the pressure for younger children to join the scouting fun never went away. The UK answer to this was the Beaver Scout section, many people think that the section started in the early 80’s, but in reality it was as 1963 in Northern Ireland.

The 1st Dromore Group in Northern Ireland started the first pre-Cub section; it was initially known as The Little Brothers. Two years later seven more groups started in Belfast. In 1966 the name Beavers was adopted (this was one of the names that Baden Powell had considered for Wolf Cubs), and the final details for of uniform, age range and basic organisation adopted. In the following few years the support was set up to help the leaders, and reports were made to the Scout Association with details of the progress. Five years later in 1971, there were approximately 900 boys and 150 leaders in 60 teams. The following year saw an important step along the road to full integration when the section name was changed to beaver scouts.

Beavering really got underway in October 1982, when they were officially introduced throughout the UK with the introduction of the new uniform for boys, Three and half years later the beaver scouts finally became an official section throughout the UK, with the adoption of a simple promise, and so the beavers became official members of the World Scout Organisation.

The Beavers Promise

The Beaver Scout Promise
I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and love my god


The Colony uniform consists of:
– Light Blue Sweatshirt or Polo Shirt
– A red and green neckerchief with woggle – will be supplied when invested
– Activity Trousers (are optional)
Uniform may be purchased from the local Scout Shop. Click here to get details on the local Scout Shops.

Click here for an example of where badges go.

Leader Contacts

Unfortunately the 34th Colchester Scout Group no longer has it’s own Beaver Colony. Despite several appeals we have had no offers from anyone wishing to become a Beaver Scout Leader.